DNS service recommendations?
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I used to use mydomain.com to handle website and email forwarding. I would just set the DNS to their servers, and set the forwarding to a spot on my server, and it worked perfectly.

I want to be able to manage all my domain forwarding from one account that dosen't charge per domain.
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Zonedit should work for what you want to do, and for free.
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Just curious, what became the problem with mydomain.com? I think I still have some fallow domain names pointed there.
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I switched from mydomain.com to a paid account on dnsmadeeasy.com because of the failover. $30 a year for 150 - 500 domains is awesome.
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Awesome, thanks. Basically mydomain.com started doing pop under ads when you get over fifty hits per day.
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Zoneedit are superb. It's a kind-of honor system as you are meant to pay for more than five or so 'services' from them (like domain forwarding, backup MX, and so on). However, you *could* just sign up with a new email address. That wouldn't be nice - they run an excellent service and I've not noticed a moment of downtime since I started using them for various things. It's not like they're expensive, anyway. Don't be put off by their basic web site.
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Blech. ZoneEdit was not to my liking: sketchyness and hinkyness on how they ran their DNS servers, confirmed by a DNS/unix/sysadmin guru that was working with me. Your mileage will certainly vary.

I much prefer Secondary.com (but I don't think it's exactly what you're looking for).
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