Small business contacts sharing across machines-- is Plaxo the answer?
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Small business contacts sharing across machines-- is Plaxo the answer? (MI)

I know this question has been asked in part before, but I need some clarification (and updated opinions).

I need to recommend a solution to some prospective employers. With three people on 4 machines, they need essentially what Plaxo offers-- contacts sharing and synching-- even when out of the office. The updating part of Plaxo has been described as interesting , annoying, or even evil, but it's not the most important feature in my particular case. I should note that most of the complaints I've read are about a year old (in fact, newer articles give it a little more credit), and Plaxo now claims an updated privacy policy. What is your opinion on/ experience with Plaxo? Can you recommend any other services that allow contacts sharing (using Outlook) between machines (and that don't require Exchange Server) that I should also check out? (And yes, I've googled, but I'm looking for recommendations vs. algorithm-based results.) Thanks in advance!
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I have no answer to contribute, but thanks for linking the "Plaxo Reconsidered" article. I get lots of Plaxo messages but never gave them much thought, perhaps for some of the same concerns the author initially had. I'll have to poke around the site again.
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i think msn just launched outlook live, which is supposed to do this centralization (hotmail meets full outlook features) for you with a $45/year fee.

i don't have much detail though--have only heard my boss mention how it is going to change his life
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My office shares contacts and calendars using somewhat old products - Outlook 2000 can share contacts through Microsoft Mail. I haven't found a Microsoft Mail administrator program in Win2K, so we keep an old NT4 computer around to set up Microsoft Mail accounts. No Exchange server required. I don't know if newer versions of Outlook still support Microsoft Mail, or if there is a way to administer it on newer versions of Windows.

Assuming the business is PC based, and that you have a way to administer Microsoft Mail:

Set the "post office" to a common shared drive all the workstations can access, and create a mailbox for each user. Add Microsoft Mail to the "services" in each user's Outlook. You will also need "Personal Folders" if it is not already installed.

In Outlook 2000, View>Folder List. Highlight the folder (contacts, calendar, whatever) you want to share. Then File>Share>This Folder. The first time you use the feature you may need the Office CD.
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You could also look into a "hosted Exchange server", which means that a third-party company provides the actual server and software license, and you get a virtual account (using your own domain) on their server. (They can usually also host your site.)

We used a service like this until relatively recently, until we got to a point where we needed to set up our own environment. You get full Exchange features, like centralized mail, contacts, calendar, etc., for about $10/box/mo. (Plus, Outlook Web Access, for when you're on the road.)

If you want to know more, just Google "hosted Exchange server"--the "sponsored links" area will be filled with companies offering these services.
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