Secret Chiefs 3 of the East
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A musical blend like Secret Chiefs 3 - from the East?

I love Secret Chiefs 3 and their wonderful blend of Eastern music with electronics, metal and movie soundtrack sounds. I really would like to find more music like theirs yet allmusic and lastfm failed me in that respect by providing mostly experimental "Western" music and musicians. I am quite certain that there must be bands from Turkey, Egypt etc. that approach that mix from the other direction.

Could you tell me bands or resources where I could find such bands?

I am well aware of Estradasphere and of course Mr. Bungle and they partially cover what I want yet I long for something more heavily Arabic-influenced, yet at the same time with enough metal and electronic elements to it.
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Kayhan Kalhoor, Silent City.

Slow start, great stuff. No electronics, but much like Secret Chiefs imho.
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Response by poster: Thanks. The previews on amazon sound very good, yet they lack some of the heavier stuff I like about the Secret Chiefs.

I forgot to mention Deserts of Träun which also comes close to what I'm looking for.
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If you're not already hip to Ananda Shankar, give him a shot. Older, so no metal exactly, but his fusion-from-the-East approach is a big influence on SC3.

Non-Western pop groups who borrow Western ideas tend not to do so self-consciously, but are often really interesting nonetheless. Like Omar Souleyman, who is great.
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My goto guy for industrial/electronic-y arabic tunes is Muslimgauze. They tend to be more industrial rather than danceable-electronic.

Transglobal Underground is much more dance influenced.
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I am not familiar with Secret Chiefs 3 but the Blackhawk Down soundtrack is a mix of eastern rhythms and western electronics (mostly guitar). It's dark and furious but not off putting.
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There's a few metal bands from the area that incorporate traditional Middle Eastern music into their sound- among them, I can recommend Orphaned Land, Melechesh and Al-Namrood in particular. (The first two are from Israel, and Al-Namrood is from Saudi Arabia.) Not sure if that's exactly what you're after, though, as none of them really has an electronic element, and other than the Middle Eastern aspect they're all essentially pure metal- I don't know of any bands from that part of the world that have the same sort of eclectic/experimental sound as Secret Chiefs 3 or Mr. Bungle, though if one exists I'd also be interested in hearing it.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the many suggestions. I know Ananda Shankar and Transglobal Underground - they're great and I like them, alas for what I'm looking for now they're too dance-y. I'll check the other suggestions out and report back here.
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I think you should check out all of John Zorn's Book of Angels albums. You should of course be familiar with the series since Secret Chiefs 3 contributed an album, but the rest of them are very broadly in the same vein - and mostly excellent. I particularly love The Bar Kokhba Sextet's contribution.

And if you happen to like John Zorn's particular brand of madness, you'd do well to check out Naked City. BTW, I'm a huge fan of Mr. Bungle, Estradasphere and Secret Chiefs 3, so maybe you could send me a message with musical recommendations of your own if you're so inclined.
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