Best site to sell a used car?
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Oh lord, won't you help me sell a Mercedes Benz?

What's the best web site to sell a kinda cool, somewhat vintage, used car? I have a late 80's Mercedes convertible that needs to go. It's a nice car, but certainly not a show car; however, I don't think it really fits on Craigslist. I've browsed Auto Trader classics and the ads seem to be mostly from dealers; same with ebay. What sites do you recommend? Before I plunk down $$$ for advertising, I want to make sure I get wide exposure on a well-known website and sell the thing quickly.

(and no, I'm not trying to sell the car here on askmefi)
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Every brand- or model-specific forum I have ever looked at has had an active buy/sell section. The advantage there is that you are selling to the already-converted. I mean, they wouldn't be members of if they weren't fans of the cars. Bonus: they are usually free to join, though you may need to put in a little time to establish a track record as a non-scammer before selling the car.
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What about the item makes you think it doesn't fit on Craigslist..? A buddy of mine has selling things down to a science and Craigslist is always his first stop, no matter what the item is. He even listed a show-quality Corvette once. You never know who's watching.

I suppose before eBay, but after (or in lieu of) Craigslist, I'd try putting a classified ad in the local paper, putting up some fliers at work and supermarkets and stuff, and/or finding an enthusiast forum online and posting about it there.
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Definitely Craigslist, I also had luck selling a 72 Triumph TR6 on ebay motors, but craigslist will give you much better results than any of the pay to place sites.
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Best answer: Craigslist. A 300SL is not a rare classic that only appeals to a narrow group of people unless it is an ultra-low mile pristine cream puff.

You can also try something like or But Craigslist is how I'd start.
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If I was looking for a specific vehicle, I would start at Hemmings. I think you can do a Print/Web combo ( pics on the web) for under $50.
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There was a ultra-rare, $500,000+ Porsche 959 on Craigslist the other day. You'll be fine there.
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Not long ago, I was shopping for a relatively rare vehicle (about as rare as a 300SL, anyway). And the thing is, I was looking everywhere--newspaper classifieds, Auto-Trader-type publications, enthusiast forums, Craigslist, eBay... well, you get the drift. If I were selling instead of buying, I'd start by placing an ad in every free venue available, then, if that didn't work, moving on from there.
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Start with Craigslist and your local paper. Post paper flyers in bars near you that have classic car nights (google classic car nihgt mycity or something like that).
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