No more Amazon downloader for me!
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How can I get Amazon to give me mp3 files for single songs and amz files for albums only? Alternatively, how can I get it to go back to only giving me mp3 files (and not download albums at all)? The FAQ doesn't seem to cover it or I can't find it at least and I'm hesitant to experiment at a dollar a pop.
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They do have a help line. You could call them, and they'll walk you through it. I tried it, and they were very helpful.
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I apologize if I am missing something, but isn't it just the difference between clicking on the "Buy MP3" button (for one song) versus the "Buy MP3 album" button? In my experience the first will give you an MP3 file of that one song, while the latter will get the album through their download manager.
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AwkwardPause's explanation reflects my experience.
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If you want to experiment on the cheap, they do have a number of albums/songs for free. The download process should be the same for these.

Check out the right-hand side for the free ones.
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Response by poster: If I click on the "Buy MP3" for a single song, it will still give me an amz file which loads in the Amazon Downloader, which then only downloads that one song.

And thanks, azlondon, that's a good suggestion, I had entirely forgotten about that. Uninstalling the downloader for some experimentation now.
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