Looking for a Tall Clamp Lamp
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I'm redesigning my workspace and starting with the lighting. I'm looking for suggestions for tall lamps that I can clamp onto my table and have shades that would cover large/high watt CFLs.

I've looked at this previous question, but none of the suggestions seem to fit. I currently have a standing lamp in the room and an Ikea Tertial Clamp Lamp with a high wattage CFL. It's great except that it's not tall enough (~12" from table to the bottom of the shade at its highest position). Ideally, I'm looking for something similar but closer to 30-40" in height.

I've found tall halogen and regular fluorescent clamp lamps, but I prefer high wattage CFLs for the savings in energy and heat.

Any suggestions or even guidance on where to look would be much appreciated!
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Something like this? Not quite the reach you want, but a starting point...
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Have you had any experience with it? The reason I'd rather have CFLs over tube fluorescents is because of flickering and the ability to match color temperature in all of my lamps. I don't know if that's because I've always used relatively cheaper fluorescent lamps.
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