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Help me get my photo albums out of TypePad and into WordPress.

I've been blogging with Typepad for 6 years now, and I hate it. As much as I'd like to kvetch about it, I'll spare you the gory details here.

I've successfully exported my blog and imported it into a hosted WordPress site, maintaining my permalink structure.

Now I'd like to do the same thing with my Typepad photo albums. I've googled, but haven't found anything interesting. If I have to, I'll do the work manually, but it would be great if I could automate some of the steps (i.e. downloading all of the images in each album with the correct filenames and directory structure on my local PC).

I'm pretty handy, technically, so solutions that involve a bit of scripting or coding are also welcome.

Any tips?
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Oh I feel your pain. I switched a few years back and it was a complete nightmare. Should've done it a lot sooner (or better yet, not signed up for Typepad beta).

Like this guy, I used HTTrack (Windows version) for image export and it was relatively successful, would be interested to hear of better solutions, I'm sure there are some out there. Good luck!
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