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INMO, Girl Talk - Night Ripper is the best CD to listen to while I run. It's a blend/mix tape filled with recent radio hits, and some much deeper cuts. Beats/Lyrics typically last less then 16 bars. Most songs seem to have 3-4 samples playing at once. I need more.

It's been a staple CD in my ipod for weeks, but it's gotten a bit stale. What other dj's/producers are making mix CDs like this?

Here's the album on youtube, for reference purposes. It shows the tracks that are playing as the mix is in progress
Girl Talk - Night Ripper

One more note, I did see the question, but I am looking specifically for Mix tapes that mix the tracks fast, quickly fading in and out mulitple songs, not just a long blend of 2 songs. (like the grey album)
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Best answer: Girl Talk - Feed the Animals ?
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Totally agreed. Feed the Animals is even better than Night Ripper, in my opinion.
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totally, totally agreed. feed the animals is awesome.
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You need to hunt down the Hang All DJ's/ As Heard on Radio Soulwax discs from Soulwax. A bit of wikipedia info here. Be warned, when Mr. F and I managed to score them, they were usually USD25 or so for one disc.
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DJ Earworm
The Hood Internet
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Best answer: Both of Super Mash Bros' albums are available on their website for free. Awesome mashups, equal in quality to Girl Talk. Great for running.
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I just bought Girl Talk tickets! If you can get ahold of his live stuff, they're generally even better.

I'm also a huge fan of the Solid Steel podcasts. While the mixes are not generally as crazy/ADHD as GT, they're good mixes by great DJs I find myself listening to a lot while jogging and walking alike. Doesn't translate as well for me when I'm just sitting around as Girl Talk does, but good stuff nonetheless if you haven't checked it out.
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Check out the mixes of, among others, DJ Z-Trip, DJ P and The Rub DJs (the 'It's the Motherfuckin' Remix' series especially).

The 'quickmix' style, which was dominant in NYC hip-hop mixtapes for years, is in the same general area, but without so much emphasis on blending. Kid Capri and Mister Cee are two DJs who pioneered this style.
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nthing the hood internet mixtapes. i think there are 4 mixtapes now. the first one is the best.
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Best answer: People compare E-603 to Girl Talk. I don't like it as much, but there are some who like it more than GT.
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spartacus beat me to it. I think that E-603's Torn Up is on par with Girl Talk. There. I said it. And I run to it, too.
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I think this guy is pretty good, particularly the one track "like girls talk."
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Google up some Sixx Mixx tracks by Party Ben. There are about a hundred that aired on the radio in San Fran a few years back. You also can't go wrong with the Kleptones!

Avalanches have a bunch of long mixes hiding in various corners of the internet, as well as an amazing commercially released album with a mashy feel.
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Try milkman. I like a lot of his stuff as much, if not more, than Girl Talk. Also, the site I linked, is my go-to spot to find "more music like..."
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How about Girl Talk @ Yale, a live recording of his amazing concert at Yale last spring? It has some stuff from his albums and also new stuff. Listen to it in order (as you should with all girl talk albums). The energy is amazing, and you can hear the crowd too. Here's a video from that great night-- the dancers on stage were students chosen from the crowd earlier that day.

The Hood Internet releases mixtapes every so often-- 4 so far. It's about an hour and a half of music. Doesn't change quite as fast as Girl Talk, but maybe once a minute-- also good for running. Links are on the left side of this page!
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The Smash Mix by DJ Paul V used to air on Indie 103.1 in LA (RIP!), but they can still be downloaded free from the website. They're longer mixes--20 minutes average--and have slightly longer cuts of songs, and also more of an indie-rock bent. I dig 'em.
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You have to check out Ludachrist's Bangfest. It sounds like just what you're looking for.
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Beat logic is one I've been listening to recently. It seems up your alley.
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Cracked pepper (mash-up built on Sgt. Peppers album)?
It looks like only the torrent download is operational at the moment.
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If you want to go more old-school/weird/experimental, there's Negativland (especially Helter Stupid and the ABCs of Anarchism) or The Bran Flakes or Evolution Control Committee or Animals within Animals.
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DJ Steveboy creates mixes just for working out with choices for select bpm over at PodRunner.
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Try The Bang Gang Deejays 'D is For Disco, E is for Dancing' (spotify link).
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Diplo is pretty close. Check out his BBC Essential mix from 2006 if you can find it. Also, another DJ on BBC, Annie Mac, used to feature "mini mixes" from guest DJs on her show every week. The results were very similar to Girl Talk's style, if npot quite as well thought out. Not sure where you can find them though.
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seconding Z-Trip. Grab Uneasy Listening Volume I for free from his website. (there are also lots of free singles for download there)

I'd also recommend The Avalanches, particularly Since I Left You.
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You might also like some of dj/rupture's old mixes, including Gold Teeth Thief.
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Speaking of Diplo--if you like M.I.A., you might like the Diplo/M.I.A. Piracy Funds Terrorism mixtape.
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Seconding Bootie, and noting that there's much more content beyond Best of 2009 available on their site. It's my favorite music for running.
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The Villains Vol 1
AMR's whole collection
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MTV Mash?

Slow my bitch up is really good as is Faint toxic.
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The Hood Internet is 100% what you're looking for. You may also like Breakfast Mountain's narco hip-hop mash up jams.
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