What to charge for network consulting?
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What's the going rate for firewall/network engineer consultant work in the Boston area?

I'm a senior network engineer type, routers, switches, firewalls, etc. I've got a chance to do a few tasks as an independent consult for some folks at a startup that doesn't really have much in the way of IT staff, yet. They're still just a handful of folks, so most of their network is running off a single switch, but they're looking for some outside help for setting up a box for remote access VPNs.

What's the going rate around Boston for this sort of thing?
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Best answer: In the portsmouth, nh area I've seen $80 - $120; it's pretty variable, based on whether it's a windows network, linux, or cisco stuff.

Can you price by project instead of by hour? That's usually better for all concerned- they get a fixed price, and you get incentive to get it done quicker.
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