Health Insurance deals for students?
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Looking for Student Health Insurance options around NYC, in NJ.

I am a second semester grad student. Fall 2009 I declined the health insurance plan from school because I was on spouse's plan. I got off the spouse's plan because it was too expensive. This was in November. I did not immediately apply to get my school plan activated.
Last week I contacted the school health insurance provider with proof that I don't have health insurance anymore but they said they cannot offer me health insurance because I did not request it within 30 days of quitting the previous plan. What can I do? I have sen offers for student health insurance online, but are they any good? Or can I fight the denial from my school's insurance provider?
For many reasons getting back on the spouse's plan is not an option.
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Whatever you do in the meantime in regards to finding independant insurance, at the next add / change cycle you need to get on your school's plan (next semester) or back on your spouse's plan (next year). If you think an employer sponsored plan was expensive, wait till you see the prices for non-group coverage. It's like a second car payment.
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Here is a tool to see some prices. On preview with other student health insurance offering sites, a lot of them do not offer it in NJ (such as Assurant).
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