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I'd like some recommendations for hipster bike blogs. Think more fixies with hot pink sidewalls, Dutch designer bikes no American could afford, and bike messenger fetishism than athletics, racing, nitty-gritty commuting, etc.

I love Being Totally Sweet in Chicago for events but I'm looking for blogs that post about actual bicycle models for me to drool over. If Kitsune Noir only posted about bikes it would be perfect.
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I assume you're familiar with the fixed gear gallery?
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Check out Prolly, and the people he links to.
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Copenhagen Bicycle Chic is more about riders than bikes, but he does like to feature cool bikes, too. (E.g.)
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Trackosaurus Rex is a good one. Their link page has a bunch of others as well.
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Not fixie per se, but if you check out my blog (see my profile for link), I often talk about bike issues. From there, though, there are other linked blogs, several of which are bike related. Also from my blog there is a link to my Beginning Bicycle Commuting blog which has may more bike related links. Like I said, not exactly fixie-centered, but some of links and links from links are. Also, check out the subforum at
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Oh Snap
1 I meant to say

The Singlespeed and Fixed Gear subforum at
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Hipster NASCAR. Posting from my phone and links are a pain.
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Response by poster: I just want to clarify, it doesn't have to be fixie-specific; I was just giving that as an example. I ride a single-speed, myself.
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Bike Snob NYC: clever and entertaining, but with off-the-meter levels of "anyone other than me who rides a singlespeed is a hipster poseur" snark.
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My favorite bike blog is Chicks and Bikes.

As you might guess, it's basically pictures of girls and bicycles together, many of which are hot, and some of which are NSFW.
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not so much a blog, but girls on bicycles! is pretty rad.
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Two posts on the blue from last year:

The Ride Journal
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Lets Go Ride a Bike!, by a fellow Chicago biker with a few nice bikes. She has some links on her site that will take you to other fun non-spandex bike places.

Juliet B, if you're looking for a community to meet other bikers and find bike events in Chicago check out The Chainlink. I'm a member of British Bicycles of Chicago (Tweed Rides !!) and The Slow Bicycle Society myself.
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Working bikes "Due to wage differences, a bicycle worth $20 in Chicago can be worth the equivalent of $1,000 in Africa."
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Response by poster: Vélocouture is the best! I'm actually spending some time riding around Portland with the author/admin next month (at which point I will probably ask him this same question), and I've been on it before.
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