Alternatives to Capital IQ, Thomson One?
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Does anyone know of cheaper alternatives to services such as Thomson One or Capital IQ? Or if there are cheaper ways of getting to either service I'd also be interested. This would be for personal not professional use and I would be interested in paying up to $500/year
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I don't suppose you already have Bloomberg, or access to one? It offers most Thomson features.
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Bloomberg is significantly more expensive than $500 per year.
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What do you use them for most often? That would be helpful in suggesting possible alternatives.
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eleanna's question is a good one. Bloomberg, Reuters, and CapIQ are mostly simple news and data aggregators. Narrow down your goals, and I'm sure people can help you.

Are you looking for listed company information? The original sources are the SEC and regulatory agencies.

Are you looking for economic data? The original sources are the government bureaus.

Are you looking for trading information? The original sources are the exchanges.

Are you looking for up-to-the-minute news? Usually just aggregated from the different wire services. There's also and Fly On The Wall.

They also provide a lot of proprietary news and research, also aggregated from different providers. You'll have to pay for this from the original source.

Are you looking for all of it together? The free finance websites on Yahoo! and Reuters are the next step down from the $10k+/year services, as far as I know
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