What are the best WordPress themes (or plugins) for a multimedia portfolio?
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What are the best WordPress themes (or plugins) for a multimedia portfolio?

We have a very small client job where we are selecting a theme, key plugins and doing limited CSS work for a WordPress site (that will largely be set up by the in-house developer of the client). The key purpose of the site is to act as a portfolio/archive of their work. We don't normally work with WordPress and have found a lot of gallery plugins, as well as a number of WordPress themes geared towards organizing a portfolio. Many of these tools/themes seem to be designed for image archives though.

Does the hive mind have any suggestions for more robust solutions? The only theme that we've found that is *close* to what we want is here. We want a thumbnail gallery where each project is represented by an image, but we want to be able to assign thumbnails to videos and audio pieces as well.

Suggestions for a theme that will handle this, or appropriate plugins would be greatly appreciated!

*Please, no smartass answers telling us to "build what we want ourselves" the budget for this job only allows the selection of pre-fab workflows. I'd love to build this in Drupal but it is not in the cards.
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Definitely recommend you check out Woothemes. They have some nice portfolio themes that are very customization-friendly and can easily be modified to handle multimedia.

The organization/quality of their code alone will save you time.
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Elegant Themes offers fantastic, great-looking themes that are easy to configure. He has many for specific purposes, including multimedia gallery/portfolios. Worth a look!
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2nd-ing woothemes. Also, ThemeForest.net has some nice stuff.
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3rd WooThemes. Great stuff there. Here's their WordPress multimedia themes.
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Response by poster: Thanks folks! I appreciate the links and will report back if we go with one of the suggestions.
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