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Are these real aches and pains or is it all in my head?

From a young age, I've had the uncontrollable habit of cracking my knuckles, stretching, itching, or putting pressure on certain sore areas of my body (neck, shoulders, quads).

Especially when I focus on it, or when I try and resist the urge gets stronger. Its really hard to fall asleep due to this constant feeling of uncomfortableness and the need to stretch tight or sore areas. At movies, I can barely sit still and am constantly itching or stretching as well.

I cannot tell if these itches/aches are all in my head? Does anyone have any idea what could be the cause of this or how to deal with it?
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Best answer: I'm not your doctor. I'm just a poor sucker with restless legs syndrome, which can also affect your arms.
posted by fairytale of los angeles at 12:17 PM on February 8, 2010

It could be anxiety, among other things. I'm not your doctor or psychologist... try seeing both and tell them what you told us.
posted by halonine at 2:45 PM on February 8, 2010

sounds like restless legs syndrome to me, too.
posted by QuakerMel at 5:58 PM on February 8, 2010

Tourette syndrome?
posted by y6t5r4e3w2q1 at 6:23 PM on February 8, 2010

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