City clerk signature verification by county clerk in New York City
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How much does it cost for the city clerk's signature to be verified, on both a marriage license and a marriage certificate, by the county clerk of New York County? I cannot find this information anywhere and I need it for an apostille.

The marriage occurred in 1949. We're applying for this signature verification from California and so cannot travel to the relevant office ourselves, and they don't seem to want to pick up the phone.
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Here is the link to the City Clerk's Office.

I would imagine the office would be closed on Sundays. Call during the week during standard east coast business hours.

From the information at the link it appears that for an apostile you need to show up in person.
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See also this link.
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Response by poster: We've got the signed document, but we just need the signature verified by the county.
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Best answer: This page says it's $3.00. And gives phone numbers.
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Response by poster: Thank you!
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