"Expedited" NYS non-driver ID?
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How do I "expedite" a New York State non-driver ID?

I need a New York State non-driver ID. I am in NYC and have the right documentation. The 2-week mail turnaround may not be quick enough. I'm going to 34th St. bright and early tomorrow, but meanwhile I have 3 questions:

1) Does anyone have personal experience with a quicker way to get it? Special office, expediter, etc.?

2) What is the nature of the temporary ID they give you? Does it have a picture?

3) Has anyone done this recently and can comment on the actual mail turnaround time?

Thank you for your help!
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Not sure what you need ID for but would a passport work? You can usually get those in a day if you need to.
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Response by poster: Good idea. But I need it for something other than travel. My passport is expired(!), but to do a quick renewal, I need proof of travel within 2 weeks. While I could buy a refundable plane ticket, this strikes me as bad faith if not outright fraud. But thank you for the idea.
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This is a somewhat useless comment, but in Illinois, getting a State ID is an "instant" procedure. You walk into the DMV with docs, take a number, have your picture taken, and you walk out with an ID valid for about 5 years.

NYC may be different... but this is something that can physically happen in a few minutes without much effort, if the NY DMV is so inclined.
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I can't help you with (1), but the temporary driver's license ID does not have a photo. It has a bar code thing that I believe would allow the authorities (cops? not really sure) to scan and access your DMV photo along with verification that the temporary ID was valid. You definitely won't walk out with the permanent license in hand, even though this is true in some states--the way they verify your address is by mailing the license/ID to that location, or so I was told once by a DMV clerk. I don't really think there is anything you can do to expedite the process, unfortunately--it never hurts to be nice, but I think the process is convoluted enough that no individual person would be able to take care of you, even if they wanted to.
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So a few things, outside of driving (which a temp drivers license will do) a passport (AFAIK) is totally legit ID for pretty much anything you need a license for.

Also I know what the Passport Office website says, about travelling in 2 weeks and not to come into the office. However I walked into the SF passport office (without my plane tickets, but with 2 ID photos) and walked out the same day with ID. YMMV
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Response by poster: Thank you, everyone. We'll see what goes down tomorrow.

Bitdamaged, I am roger re: showing up in person, and it is definitely worth a try.

People in livejournal's newyorkers comm, not a bad place, say that the mail turnaround is less than two weeks.
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Response by poster: Hello again. Bit of a non-update that may be helpful to future seekers.

It is not possible to expedite a NYS non-driver ID.

The 34th St. office (like it says on the website) is for renewals. First-time applicants must go to the nearby Herald Square office.

(All DMV employees I encountered were at a minimum polite, and most were outright friendly and helpful.)

I was turned down for a state ID for the wrong documents, but, through the wonders of bureaucracy, I should be able to get my passport renewed using what I have.

It sounds obvious, but if you have friends or relatives who tend to let things slide, mention this Chick on Metafilter and tell them to get their documents in order. Times have changed! The runaround is a healthy experience, and I'm not being silly, for a U.S.-born white person to have! What does not kill me...
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Response by poster: But the best is from my mother, who, being away from our Native Town on business, can't even help from there: "What do you mean, they're not going to give me a copy of your birth certificate? Where do they think I was?"
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