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NYC domestic partner filter - Do I need to change my non-driver ID to reflect my address, before we file for a partnership?

My non-driver ID has an old address. I would rather not spend an entire day at the DMV, but the clerk's office states we'll need to "truthfully state an identical residential address on the application form for the Domestic Partnership". We've been living together for about two years, and can truthfully state so, but my old ID doesn't reflect the change.

Do I need to suck it up and make the DMV trip first?
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Wait, the Empire State requires you to go in person to change your address? According to this it is as easy as writing your new address on the back of the ID card and mailing in a form.
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I think you can change your address by mail. See here.
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Response by poster: Thanks, I knew that, but it takes several weeks to go back and forth; more time than I was looking for.
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Best answer: When my now wife and I did the domestic partner thing a few years back she still had her old Florida license and we didn't have any problems. I think I had her bring like a bank statement with her that had our address on it but no one ever looked at it.
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Ah. Well, I can say that my last trip to the DMV (2003) was fortunately not an all day affair by any stretch. I needed a new photo for my driver's license (it still had the first photo of me taken when I was 16, which was leading to increasingly awkward staredowns at bars and airports). It probably took an hour at most. If you feel you need an updated ID and you live in Manhattan, my tip would be to go to the DMV office in Harlem, which I think is a little more lightly-trafficked than the main office downtown. (That's where I went back in 2003.)

And, congratulations on your pending partnership! :)
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Response by poster: Thanks, guys! :)
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I just wanted to comment in the event that anyone looking for this info would like some additional information (as I did).

You don't HAVE to use your license / state ID as documentation. You need two of the below documents to serve as evidence of certain criteria (you are both 18; you are responsible for each other's welfare and financial obligations, you have lived together continuously for at least 12 months, currently live together and intend to do so indefinitely, etc.):

Driver's licenses or passports showing common address
Income tax return or withholding statement showing dependent(s)
Joint-tenancy lease, jointly held mortgage or deed
Joint motor vehicle title or auto insurance
Joint loan agreement or bank statement for joint checking, savings or credit account
Cancelled rent checks or bills showing shared living expenses
Beneficiary designation for life insurance, pension or will
Power of attorney designation for health care or financial decisions
Domestic partnership agreement or registration (available in certain jurisdictions)
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