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I am looking for gift type products that either incorporate roses, are rose scented, rose flavored, etc.. for my elderly mother-in-law.

My mother-in-law's birthday is coming up, and she loves roses. We will get her some actual roses, of course, and she has asked for rose soap, and she already has rose-scented lotion and potpourri. We want to get her some other, more unusual, rose products. I know there is rose-flavored tea we can get and there is rose jelly, but we are drawing a blank on other types of products. Does anyone have any suggestions? Bonus points definitely if it is available by mail order, since we don't live near her.

(Note, she is elderly and in poor health, so is not doing much cooking or getting out much, so stuff she can use "right out of the box", so to speak, would be best.)
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Turkish delight.
posted by Solomon at 8:09 AM on February 6, 2010

Rose-flavoured Turkish Delight.
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Yes, yes, with the Turkish Delight. Also check if there are Indian places around that might make and deliver rice pudding made with rose water?
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Best answer: Bone china teacup and saucer or coffee mug.
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Best answer: Ren products are pretty nice. And they're, ahem, super cheap too.
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Response by poster: motsque, interesting idea, as she does like rice pudding. She's in New Hampshire, though, so not tons of good Indian places that I know of, but I will hunt around, thanks.
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Best answer: Candied rose petals or a chocolate bar with pistachio and candied rose petals (disclaimer: I work for the people in the second link).
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First thing that came to mind is rosewater. Can be used as a perfume or added to a bath, humidifier or foot bath. Smells nice, and very subtle. Maybe a little simple, but it has a huge variety of uses.
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Rose hip tea is a really nice gift for older women because of its arthritis-soothing properties. Plus it's delicious and would go great with essexjan's tea cup.
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Rose-flavored syrup and hard candies.

Jewelry made with preserved roses

Rose lights

She's not a hookah user, is she?

Also, take a look at this forum. It's mostly recipe suggestions, but there may be some ideas in there for you as well.
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Best answer: Etsy has a seller with Rose Honey Almond Butter, although I'm not sure how strongly the rose flavor would come through.

MIL might not be a drinker, but this Rose Flavored Vodka looks interesting!
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If you're crafty and have the time, you could put a few of these rose-scented beads, usually used for rosaries, together as something . (If she is Catholic, well, that's even easier.)

Regarding candy, I'm going to have to recommended this brand as the only one I've found that isn't unreliable with quality. Rose and pistachio (and these are not crammed full of nuts) about halfway down.
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Glycerin and rosewater lotion.
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You could order up some rose-scented stationery.
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Is she Catholic? Even if she is not, these rose-scented rosaries are unique. I got these (for much less money) when I was in Rome a few years ago.
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My grandmother had sheets with little roses all over them.
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Golden Moon Rose tea is especially celestial.

I've also been eyeing this cardigan with tiny roses on it.
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Response by poster: Lots of good stuff, thanks! I marked best answers for the things I think my mother-in-law would like the best, but will be taking note of all of this for myself and for other gifts in the future.
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Etsy is crawling with floral jewelry, both handmade and vintage. The site allows near-infinite "nots," so you could easily whittle down the results if you think your MIL would enjoy a brooch featuring a rose, but not also, say, an owl.

Just searching the vintage stuff there for "rose" may turn up some unexpected gems. I predict hankies.
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I read an article many, many years ago where someone made beads out of rose petals. I believe they were pulverized and hand rolled. If you solicited a friendly florest to give you old roses, and scented them with some rose oil, it might make for a lovely bracelet with a pretty charm.
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Smith's Rosebud Salve:

Allpurpose beauty product of the ages, as far as I'm concerned. Excellent for dry skin or irritation in general, I use it many times daily as a lip balm. Comes in a lovely old-fashioned tin, smells fantastic, cheap, and easy to find.
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