What is this song about skillets and heartbreak?
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"I know that you're a rounder, but are you a skillet stealing man?" I remember those lyrics and the blues-y female voice of the song; do you know what it is?

I've been driving all day for work, listening to a lot of horrible radio, but I caught this song and loved it. The specific lyrics I remember are above, and I recall that the song was about a woman telling her leaving boyfriend that he could take anything but her skillet when he left. The announcer afterwards said that the song was from an album called "Cooking with [a name I can't remember]." Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
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Sounds like something I half-remember from a Carter Family song - which basically means it wasn't written by A P Carter. Ask on Mudcat; they'll know.
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Can't help, but you may consider calling the radio station. If anyone definitely knows what song it was, it's that DJ.
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here's the only album I could find that looked plausible. There's some preview buttons. Hope this helps!
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