L'il dried fish in Korean cuisine?
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What's the name of those tiny salty-sweet dried fish sometimes served as banchan in Korean restaurants? Where can I buy some for home consumption in Los Angeles? Are they healthy/unhealthy?
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they are myulchi. Any grocery store in Koreatown will carry them. There are usually several sizes, any of which you can use for preparing myulchi bokkeum (you should tear the heads and guts off larger sizes, but tiny ones you can use whole).
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I just realized I may not have actually answered your question. Myulchi are the raw ingredient, the plain dried anchovies. You can probably buy already put-up plastic tubs of myulchi bokkeum in the prepared foods section of a reasonably big Korean grocery store, though.
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No, that answers my question fine, thanks!
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The only reason they would be unhealthy is because of the salt content... anchovies (even small ones) are quite good for you. In what quantity are you thinking of eating these?
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