Tipping three different stylists. How much?
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I have an upcoming salon appointment where one person will be cutting and coloring my hair, another person will be waxing my eyebrows, and yet another person will be giving me a manicure. How do I tip?

I've never had the latter two services done before. I know how much to tip the hair stylist, but how much do I tip the other two? And how does tipping typically work in a situation like this where there are three different people working the same appointment? I usually pay by card and write the single tip down on the receipt. I don't want to accidentally stiff somebody! Especially since I'm trying to find a salon I'll actually go to more than once for a change.
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The place I know - in NYC - three separate cash tips, even if you charge the cut. They have small envelopes at the desk. Put cash in each envelope, write the name on the envelope, put in glass tip box. Or if they are not busy, hand it to them.
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I would bring cash and tip them all separately due to the vast differences in charges for each service. Alternatively, you could also indicate on the charge receipt who gets what.
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If at all possible, a cash tip is much better... in nearly every circumstance. I have no guidance about amounts, and though the envelope idea sounds very classy, I've never been somewhere that it's provided. I usually just hand it to them, but if they're busy, the check-out desk can make sure they get it. At my place they have little drawers at the front desk, so you can say :"this is for Bobbi, and this is for Elaine."
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Definitely cash for tips. Even if you're putting the services on your credit/debit card, bring cash for the tips (and tip everyone separately, in person, immediately following each service). As for amounts, tip at least 20 percent of what each service costs, but make sure to round up to the nearest dollar, because it's cheesy to include loose change when tipping.
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You may not even be able to tip on your card. Many salons allow you to pay by card, but are strictly cash only for tips.
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It's cool if I can't tip by the card. I'm not asking how to do that specifically. That's just how I've done it in the past because I had one stylist, there was a place for tips on the receipt, so... there ya go. But I would assume that I can't tip by card in this instance. Thanks for the advice, everyone! I'll make a point to hand out the tips in person unless they have a specific procedure.
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About 20% for each service, and yes, in cash. You can either tip after each service or at the end (remember who did what if it is after), most places will have the envelope and a slot to put it in at the front desk, put the service providers name on the envelope and a thank you from your name, and the service if you are so inclined "To "Awesome wax person" from katillathehun, my eyebrows look awesome, many thanks!"

You want to thank them for their work as well as remember you if you are a return customer.
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At my salon I figure the tips (one for haircut, another for color), put the total on my credit card, and they hand me back the cash, which I put in the little envelopes. 20% for each.
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I think it's fine and perfectly acceptable to ask the receptionist, before your appointment, how people tip there. I once worked in a salon and the tipping procedure was very specific (cash only; little envelopes). No harm in asking.
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You seem to have your answer, but I'd add (along with PersonAndSalt) that it'd probably take about one minute to call them up on the phone and ask this question. Then you'd know for sure what works best.
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