Is it okay to use this obsolete 1040X form?
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Should I use the newest revised version of form 1040X to amend my 2008 taxes, or is the previous version okay?

I realized shortly after I submitted my 2008 taxes last year that I forgot to include mortgage interest I paid to a bank before they sold my mortgage to another bank. I filled out a form 1040X as an amendment to my original 1040, but never got around to submitting it. The 1040x I filled out says "Revised February 2009" at the top.

When I went to get the address today, there now seems to be a newer version of form 1040x on the IRS website (PDF here) that says it was revised January 2010. I didn't get much help from their instructions for amending.

Do I need to fill out the new, most recent 1040x form, or can I send in the slightly older version?
I know you're not my tax professional. Thanks!
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Best answer: They are pretty good about questions like this, so I would just call and ask them. There was a pretty big change in the format where they went from three columns to one over the last year or so, but it's unclear whether that would be a problem for them.
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Best answer: The IRS still have the old format on the web page here, so you can always use that as a defense. 1040x isn't tied to a tax year so I imagine there is a lot of old paper form reuse.

I believe it was revised because people kept screwing up the easily checkable math (C-A=B), and the IRS has to investigate whenever that happens.
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