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Any MeFites attend the SF Insight meditations at the Unitarian church on Franklin? Or any Dharma Punx here? Anyone have experience with a more strictly zen sangha in the city?

If you go to SFI, do you go on Sunday or Wednesday? Wanna catch up during the break?

If you sit with the dharma punx... what's that like? I can walk to SFI but would have a harder time getting out to your group so have never checked it out...

If you live in SF and sit somewhere else... where?
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Friends of the Western Buddhist Order, aka SF Buddhist Center, is near Valencia and 21st.
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I don't know about SF, but I used to sit with the Dharma Punx in Seattle. (I'm taking a small hiatus because work + night school are eating all my time).

We'd have a 40 minute sit of Vipissana meditation, either guided or unguided. Then, we'd have a Dharma talk, listen to a talk that someone brings in on their iPod/iPhone, and/or have a discussion around a topic. I found it a very welcoming and informal environment, and I love sitting with them.
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I sit--when I can--at the LA center started by Noah Levine (Mr. Dharma Punx himself) and have always found the people there to be very down-to-earth and chill. If I lived in SF, I'd certainly check out the dharma punx group(s) there.
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I don't sit regularly, but FWIW I did the SF Insight intro to meditation course and got a huge amount out of it. The teachers were great and the group was pretty varied. I liked the Unitarian Church very much, too.
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