Star Trek Memories and Trauma
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As a 10 year old child I went with my mother, myself and my 7 year old brother went to EJ Korvette's on 46th Street to meet an alien. Well, actually it was Leonard Nimoy (in full makeup and costume) as Mr. Spock. It was 1969 and he had just come out with his new album Mr Spock's Music From Outer Space. We were in a crush of people. My brother was having trouble with the crowd. The store was packed. Finally my mother snapped and dragged us out of the store screaming, "My son is suffocating, get out of the way!" Anyway, after hysteria by yours truly, we went back. The crowd was gone. Someone took the album from my hands and sliced the covering plastic with a razor. I didn't care. I was looking up at Mister SPOCK from my favoite show of all times! I wanted to say something, anything. But my throat was dry. My brain useless. He signed the album. He signed it... Spock in cursive. I still have this album today. Is it worth anything? Other than my memories and the original price? Leonard. I love your photos. Call me...
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This website has an old listing for a signed copy of that album for $149.00. The plain old album, unsigned, is on Ebay for about $5-$10.

You ever watch Antiques Roadshow? Do you have a picture of yourself with Nimoy? Can you find something on the web to compare his signature to?

It would probably cost more to validate the signature than the thing is worth, but put it on eBay and see what you get (but if you love Nimoy that much, why sell it? Pass it to your kids.).

Definitely get a plastic sleeve for it and ask a record album dealer how to store and preserve it, no matter what you do.
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Being able to tell that story and show the signed album is worth way more than $149, or even $1,149.
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Leonard Nimoy is a very big supporter of the Griffith Observatory here in Los Angeles and very active in the art community. He recently hosted an all-nighter at the Santa Monica Museum of Art, a photographed people dressed as their favorite characters. No, I am not making this up. And you should have been in the cue.
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You should write down the story, in full detail, print it out and keep it together with the album and any photos you have of that day.
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It will always be worth more to you than any amount of cash. Leave it to the Observatory in your will.
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Best answer: I've worked at record stores for around a decade. We don't take autographs into account as they're generally unverifiable. I'd say you'd get so little for it (150? No chance) that it's not worth selling, especially for the memories.
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