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Asking for a Friend: Wedding Dress Alterations in the DC Area?

My friend is getting married and recently bought her dress. Since she is moving, she will not be able to have the alterations done in the store in which she purchased the dress. Does anyone have any recommendations for a seamstress in the Northern VA/DC Metro area?
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Ask the same question on weddingbee, the local DC board. Also search yelp.
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My wife used some old, retired lady that wored out of her home in Hyattsville. I think she charged something like $30.
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I used this tailor for getting a bridesmaid dress basically rebuilt. They did a good job but weren't cheap.

Melvin's Custom Tailoring‎
1317 F Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20004-1105
(202) 737-2100
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I've been to White Flint Custom Tailors in the White Flint Mall in Maryland. I know it's not in NoVa, and it pushes the boundaries of Metro DC, but I thought I would suggest it since they did a really great job, and you haven't gotten too many responses. I would say they are in the middle of the pack as far as cost goes. I have had a few special occasion dresses altered that included a lot of beading and somewhat complicated pleating construction, and they all turned out fine.
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