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What is the best dive bar in Alexandria, VA (or the NoVA area, in general)?

By dive bar, I mean one that serves the cheapest, strongest drinks around. That's it. Other interesting information may include: is it suitable for conversation? is the food editable? does it have a jukebox? distance from 395? ease to get to?
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Response by poster: Obviously, I didn't review this: "edible" lol
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Jay's Saloon in Clarendon
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Yeah, I haven't been in ages but Jay's is the only surviving dive I can think of. If it were 1995 I'd have a lot more suggestions!
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You owe it to yourself to spend an evening at the Vienna Inn.
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Was going to say Jay's as well. No jukebox, but a few years ago there was a DJ on some nights. He played tapes all night. It was awesome.
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Thirding Jay's. The cassette tape DJ is named Pee Wee and he always plays Elivs' Suspicious Minds as his last song of the night. The cheese fries are great, the chicken wings are terrible (dry with lightly drizzled BBQ sauce). The pool table area doesn't have enough room on one side of the room to correctly position your pool stick. Jay's is a nice change of pace from the crowded meat market across the street (Mr. Day's).
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If you're willing to venture away from the Metro, Sunset Grille (WaPo) in Annandale is a good time. It's a tiki/'beach' themed place that depending on the night can go towards cowboy boots or bike leather. Definitely not popped-collar/Vineyard Vines/Nantucket Reds territory. There's a front bar which typically has live music (see calendar) and a back bar with a good jukebox and darts.

Food is definitely edible, drinks are plenty strong and well-priced. I have mostly gone on off-peak nights so my assessment of the sound level might not be accurate for Fri/Sat nights, but I had no problem talking (loudly; it's no library) in the back bar. They have a very early happy hour (3PM!) on Wednesdays, if you want to check it out without committing your evening.

It's 4 miles from the Dunn Loring Metro station; getting a cab there would be easy, you'd need to plan on calling for one to get back. There is parking if you can find someone to DD, though.
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