Blog software where I can edit the post dates.
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I want to put up letters from World War II in blog form. Is there software, or tweaked software, to post weblog entries with dates in the 1940s?
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I know Movable Type and Textpattern do, but I'd suspect that pretty much any recent application would support the backdating of entries. If you have a package in mind, just look through the feature list or FAQ for "backdating" or something relating to "adjustable date/time stamps" and you should be good to go.

If you're not interested in hosting it yourself, there's always LiveJournal, which also has that capability.
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Just for reference, Blogger will let you backdate posts, but it appears that it only lets the date go back to 1999.
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If you're trying to backdate on any Unix-based system, keep in mind that Unix datestamps generally only go back to 1970. This might be a limitation with some blogging software, too.

Doing some experiments with MovableType (version 2.64, using the MySQL database), it appears it'll accept 1940s dates just fine.
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(and in fact, it turns out I'm completely mistaken about Unix time.)
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A quick test using WordPress shows that I can date a post back to the 1st of january 1900.
I can write a July 14th, 1789 entry alright.
But when I come back to modify the entry, the datestamp selector (which can be turned off) presents me with the date 1969-12-31...
Finally, trying to blog the death of Jesus (April 25th, 33 - I guess) would resultat in a datestamp in 2033...
YMMV, then...
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I doubt any blogs this side of blosxom are affected by how UNIX represents time. Everything else will be bounded by what database (or data structure) they use (unless they impose their own restrictions.)

MySQL's date range (at least as of 5.03 alpha) is 1000--1-1 to 9999-12-31. I'm surprised WordPress imposed an artificial limitation beyond that. But it is MySQL's behavior to convert two digit years from 00-69 to 2000-2069, and from 70-99 to 1970-1999 -- the behavior you see for 33 may just be inherited from MySQL.

PostgreSQL can cover 4713 BC (literally prehistoric) to 5874897 AD (almost certainly post-historic)!

Samuel Pepys' diary, concerning dates in the 17th century, is powered by Movable Type.
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Interestingly, someone in our office (we make MT and TypePad) just put up a bunch of wartime love letters using Movable Type. So it's not just possible, but encouraged. :)
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