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[evil midi filter] Getting a midi keyboard to work in Fruityloops [MI]

i have a usb midi thingy, juno 106 keyboard and Fruityloops 5. I got the keys to work (i can play notes and basically play notes on vsts in FL). However, i know that all the sliders on the juno 106 send midi information. I dont know what the deal with all the sys-ex stuff is (if someone can explain it, would be great!). I just want to use the sliders on my juno to control virtual sliders and knobs. Fruityloops has a 'link to controller' feature that should allow this to work. Fruityloops is also compatible with other midi controllers like the phatboy (a box with knobs) so it should work with the juno 106 sliders as well. I have no freakin clue how to get FL to recieve the slider midi data.
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This site will tell you what the SysEx messages are and what they control on the Juno 106. But I don't know if you can get Fruityloops to understand SysEx. Most "link to controller" features connect sliders and knobs to CC signals from the MIDI controller, which is somewhat different from SysEx. You may want to read the manual on this one.
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Hmmm.... Try this... Bring up a plugin (say blood overdrive), right click on one of the knobs, then select to link to blah blah. This will bring up another dialog box. move one of the faders on your keyboard.

If this works correctly, that fader should now be able to control that knob.

If not, I have no idea how to solve your problem.

If you've already tried this, then I apologize.
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Response by poster: AlexReynolds is correct, been searching forums and FL cant interpret sysex by itself. I heard there are programs that somehow translate SysEx into midi or something (not too clear on that), anyone have a better idea?
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I wouldn't think you'd want sysex, but rather the CC controllers, but I don't have a Juno, so maybe I'm wrong.

Get Midiox first, to check that your PC is receiving the CC's, and midiyoke (from the same place), which will enable you to keep midiox inline between the port and floops. It also does controller translation.... you might be able to convince it to do sysex to CC, but that just seems a bit odd to me.
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