Long lost Moxy Fruvous cover needs finding.
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I need help finding a cover of They Might Be Giant's "The Statue Got Me High" performed by Moxy Fruvous. Halp?

At the end of the track "BJ Don't Cry" on Moxy Fruvous's live album "Live Noise" you can hear the band beginning to play TMBG's "The Statue Got Me High". However, on the rest of that album you never hear the song, and Google-fu returns nothing. I love that song and I've love to hear its cover!

As far as I know "BJ Don't Cry" on this album was played in New York sometime in 1997. Any help finding a recording of that show and that song would be greatly appreciated.
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I always thought it was just that one line sung, perhaps as sort of a nod to being in New York (Statue of Liberty?). But I'd love to be wrong.
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Like thejoshu, I also assumed that it was a one-off joke, especially because they get the words wrong - they actually sing "The statue made me high" and it kind of trails off.
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Thirding one-off joke assumption -- I'd recommend asking around on Fruhead.com, though, just for the heck of it!

Man, I miss that band, they were always so much fun.
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My memory of the discussion on alt.music.moxy-fruvous at the time is that it was a one-line joke.

If you're looking for more Fruvous-TMBG intersection, however, I can recommend DaVinci's Notebook's cover of "Shoehorn With Teeth," which features the members of Moxy Fruvous. Fruvous also did more extended riffs on TMBG songs in concert, much like they did for many other songs from various performers; for example, there's a live recording of them improvising a song about the MIT Media Lab to the tune of "Particle Man." (My file lists this, unhelpfully, as "MIT May 1997." Maybe fruhead.com has a show list.)
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Contact ex-Fruvous member Jian Ghomeshi at cbc.ca/q and ask him yourself. He has a terrific interview show on national radio every afternoon.
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AaaK! Make that every morning - then it's replayed late the same evening.
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