Netflix for books?
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What are my options for renting books online? I'm looking for a service similar to Netflix/Lovefilm, but with books.

I'm looking to find a service that will let me read a book and then post it back. I have a Lovefilm account (think Netflix for the UK), and I love the fact that I get new DVDs regularly without having to think about it. It works out a lot cheaper than buying DVDs from ebay or Amazon and also solves the problem of having either large piles of DVDs lying around that I won't watch again or selling them on.

My local library won't post books out to me. I don't want audio books because I find the person's voice off-putting. I'd *prefer* not to download ebooks because I don't want to strain my eyes reading on the computer, but if the service is good/cheap enough, I'd put up with that. I've tried services like Paperbackswap, but find them to be very hit and miss with regards to quality/choice of books/the other person wanting something I have (otherwise they would be ideal).

Any ideas?
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Sadly, Bokswim is US only. :(
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Was one of the swapping services you tried BookMooch? It's international, and members can make notes about the book's condition so you have a rough idea of what you're getting.
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It isn't clear if you are asking because you are housebound or would just like the convenience that you have with DVDs. If it is the former, check with even a distant (perhaps larger) library as they may well provide such services (along with inter-library loan requests).

This catalog of UK Public Libraries seems quite comprehensive. My suggestion is based on the existence of similar services in the US system.
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I use Read It Swap It in the UK and I love it. Occasionally I can't find a book I want but I think the selection is pretty good overall.
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fydfyd, can you elaborate on libraries in the US that mail out books? I've never heard of such a thing.
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Booksfree is another option. Flat monthly fee and they have both audiobooks and paperbacks. I think it's a bit pricey (starting at $10.99/mo), but it's definitely an option.
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