Serving tray for breakfast in bed, in the Perth metro area?
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This is a question for people in Perth, Australia. Does anyone know where I can buy a (nice-looking) serving tray with fold out legs for breakfast in bed?

I would prefer a classic rectangular wooden design with (slightly angled) walls around it, but at this point I'm interested in anything that isn't seriously ugly and doesn't have a major design flaw (like the slick, downward sloping edges of the one in Howard's Storage World. It's like they want your orange juice to soak into your mattress).

I'm not looking for something that sits on the floor and sort of wraps itself around the side of the bed, nor am I after a "Stable Table (tm)". It has to be a serving tray with legs that straddle the person having breakfast in bed. I've tried lots of places and no one so far has them, so please no guesses.

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Response by poster: Yes, that's the right design, but shipping makes it prohibitive.
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Shiver Me Timbers!
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I assume you've already checked the usual House/KitchenWarehouse/etc plus Myers and David Jones. You might have to use the Yellow Pages to ring around the tiny little specialty kitchen shops in places like Claremont, Subiaco, etc. It'd be faster than trekking out to each shop just to find out they don't have what you want.
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essexjan seems to have solved this one! Although the one b33j found is A$46 with shipping, so I can't imagine the one that's A$40 without shipping is going to be too appealing...but kudos to essexjan for the solve!
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Response by poster: etoile does not speak for me. I don't want to have to order something and have it shipped to me. Wasting money on postage does not appeal, neither does potentially having to deal with damage or other problems when it arrives. I'm really looking for a local solution.
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Do you need it quickly, or can you wait? There's a guy who does custom jarrah furniture at the E-Shed Markets, and another (or maybe the same guy with two stalls) at the Fremantle Markets. If you can't find what you want elsewhere, you could ask if they'll make something to your instructions.
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Response by poster: Sweet, thanks. I'm looking to have it within two weeks. I was going to check out the Kalamunda markets this Saturday. I'll also try to get down to Freo maybe this weekend.
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Response by poster: Did a run of the antique and secondhand stores, mostly in Fremantle. Found one badly warped one I passed on before finding one old 40s-50s one on sale in a little corner secondhand store. Paid $25.

Then I found a second cheap plastic one at Galleria swapmeet this morning for $1.

A place in Claremont called Veranda apparently had a bunch for xmas, but didn't have any left. That was the closest I got to a new one from a shop.
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