Is there a Windows equivalent to Mac's OSX contact program Is it user-friendly, free, and network-able?
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Is there a Windows equivalent to Mac's OSX contact program? Something that is customizable and user friendly? Also cheap and (why the hell not?), able to be networked? I'm a lifetime Mac person who's being forced into using a PC at work.

Microsoft's Address Book doesn't seem to let me customize anything.
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Have you tried the contact manager in Palm Desktop (free)? You don't need a Palm PDA to install and use it.

Have you looked into whether you have Outlook 2002 installed as part of a larger Office installation on your Windows PC?

You can hook this up to an Exchange Server if you want to network your contacts, email and scheduling, but of course this adds a whole other layer of complexity to the solution.
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Response by poster: Sweet. Thanks, Alex. I've got the Outlook 2003 working. I'll tackle the Exchange Server later.
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yeah, outlook 2003 is the standard address book for businesses. If you have any kind of windows network at all at your office it's probably already set up to share outlook contacts in some way.

if you don't then you're gonna have LOTS AND LOTS OF FUN, because setting up an exchange server is a non-trivial process.

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