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Really embarassing fashion question: Where do I get the parka thing that Kate Gosselin's mystery man is wearing in this picture

Look, I know. Why am I even clicking on links that have anything to do with this lady? And why would I waste a perfectly good AskMe trying to reverse engineer her new man friend's wardrobe?

I'm desperate. I have a terrible coat and I need a new one. I've been looking for the perfect coat for months, and this one meets all of my visual criteria.

Please, if someone could help me identify this and put me out of my misery, we can pretend this never happened and get on with our lives.
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I've been looking (mainly at the kind of stores that are at the Berkshire Mall in Reading) but the issue is that we're past coat season now. If you really need a new coat right now, you probably should be hitting the clearance racks at all of your local stores before they disappear.
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It doesn't have the stripy thing, but this Diesel jacket is similar.

The jacket in the pic doesn't have any logos, so the standard coat-makers are out (North Face, Columbia, Patagonia, etc). Maybe check the sale racks at H&M?
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This one is pretty close and looks warmer than the one Mr. Mystery is wearing.

Some key words that might help you in your search are:
bomber jacket
fur-lined hood
chevron (that is what the v-stripes are called)
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I just did a zillion searches on variations of: ski, down, quilted, fur, chevron, vintage, jacket, hoodie, parka, retro grey, gray, blue. Nothing. I think it may be vintage and/or a women's jacket. The closest I found was the Triple Fat jacket rmless also found. I even checked eBay.

Many of the gossip blogs that came up when I googled "gosselin man jacket" (ew! the things I do to find clothes) seem to also think it's a vintage and/or women's jacket.
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Try this one black with grey and blue chevrons (not the default red)
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Kinda close.
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This is pretty similar but without the hood.
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Check your memail.
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I don't blame you, I love the look of that jacket.
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