HELP me escape the art world.
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How do I leave the art world for the design/product world? I want to work in project management/biz development.

The past six years I have been working in the art world mostly as a business administrator with some sales and strategic development work mixed in. I have a BA in Art History. I want to be a project manager for creative company, not in tech or media design, but in lifestyle products, high-end furniture, even fashion. I am actually desiring to work in a more corporate environment as I am tired of my small biz/start-up current state of employment. Does anyone do this for a living (or works for one of these companies)? If so, can you tell me what is the best job I can transition to to get out of my field and into yours? I also have high-end client interface experience and other project coordination skills. Would be MUCH appreciated.
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I am making this jump from IT implementation to PM. I am pursuing my PMP certification.

A good place to start is the PMI website
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In the fashion business, the position I think you are looking for is called "merchandiser" or "creative director". You would need to develop ideas for the product line, supervise designers, and also work with salespeople (feedback on what is selling) and factories (making product prototypes). Many of these people are former designers, you may need further training.
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