Hooking up a GameCube to an Acer LCD monitor
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I have an old GameCube that, until recently, has been chilling with my best friend halfway across the country. Having moved into a new apartment, I thought longingly about the fun I had farming in Harvest Moon, trotting about as Mario, commandeering Link through various worlds, winning the heart of Zel... the point is, that I'm getting it back.

Here's the catch: I don't have a tv. I have an Acer LCD monitor and this video card. I can figure out how to install something if someone guides me clearly and step by step, but probably couldn't wrangle it all on my own. What I'd like to do is play the GameCube on the monitor with as little wrangling as possible, and as inexpensively as possible (spending $50 on X, X and X to make this work is not really an option, is what I'm saying).

I've googled, I've mesearched, and the only information I can find is garbled, contradictory, typically involves ordering something from Hong Kong, and is very dated (5 or so years ago). I feel like a preteen learning about sex: I know Item A can connect to Item B, but what's the best way to make that happen, and in the least awkward way possible? Don't even get me started on finding the clitoris.
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Using any sort of "video in" solution will introduce horrific controller lag. Buying component cables and a VGA converter box from Hong Kong will be expensive.

Buy a cheap TV for $20 from a thrift store and save yourself the trouble. Otherwise, use this as an excuse to get a PS3 or a 360, they can connect to your monitor just fine.
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I used to do this. I bought a GameCube -> VGA adapter (on the internet, shipped from Asia) for @ $20-30. It worked as simply as you can imagine - plug GameCube into adapter, plug adapter into monitor, play.
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A cheapo TV probably is your best shot. If you were absolutely determined to run the GC on your monitor, you would need: component cables for the Cube, a signal converter, and possibly a VGA adapter.

Component signal out of a/v equipment is in the YPbPr format (which is a super-sneaky way of sending signal.) The signal that a monitor receives through its VGA port is not compatible. If you force them together w/o a converter unit, you'll end up with either an all-blue or all-green image depending on which way you hook up the cables (I know this from sad experience.)
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You want a direct connection to the monitor. Involving a computer will add lag. It'll make even going through a menu maddening.

This would probably work. You could probably find something good at an import or modchip shop, too. You probably won't find this in a brick and mortar store.

In short, look for a GC to VGA cable. GC to DVI probably doesn't exist.
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PS: In case ebay moves the page, it's a $20 gadget. So it's cheaper than buying a tiny TV.

If you happen to have a powerful computer, you could try emulation, which is surprisingly good for Gamecube and the Wii. If you have a modern CPU and don't mind buying a GC pad-USB adapter, you could play your old game in high def on your computer. Only $15 for the controller adapter!
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