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GiftFilter: Recommendations on fun multi-player (2-4) games for GameCube.

This is what I get for getting the boy cousins in the family gift draw. :-\
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Mario Party. Any Mario Party.

Super Smash Brothers Melee.

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Mario Cart Double Dash ... fun for 1, 2...4...16 players!
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Seconding SSBM; also, Wario Ware.
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i'm addicted to it. but since it's been out for some time, your cousin might already have it.
if such is the case, check out super mario strikers.

sorry i'm such a mario freak.
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I found Mario Party was a good 90%+ luck, which makes it less fun. Playing an hour game only for the randomness to allow the last place player to get to first is more than frusterating.

Super Smash Brothers Melee is perhaps the best game for that generation of consoles. Never before have I played with such a wide range of people and never seen a true blowout. Even with the good players, you feel if you just did something a little different you could win. There are some bad characters whom winning with is hard, but beyond that no player heirarchy really exists.

Of course if they have a GameCube already I can't imagine they don't have it. I heard Mario Baseball is pretty fun, I never bought it.
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If sports games are your thing, they're pretty much all multiplayer. Super Monkey Ball 1 and 2 (both are $20 player's choice games) are great games that have some good multiplayer parts (like monkey target and bowling and so on). They've been out awhile, so there's a good chance someone might have them.

I played the demo of Super Mario Strikers (a soccer game with twists) and it was a lot of fun (due to be released December 5). If FPSers appeal to them, the two Time Splitters games have pretty good multiplayerness (although they've also been around for awhile). F-Zero GX (now a player's choice) is a great racing game and although it's been out for awhile, surpisingly few people own it; maybe because it's harder than your average game.
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F-Zero GX is one of the best games made for the GC, and it's criminal that it hasn't been more popular.
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The Super Monkey Ball series by Sega is amazingly addictive and really, really simple for a newcomer to pick up and play. (It only uses the control stick and one button.) It has a lot of multiplayer mini-games that are very well designed.

Also, anything with monkeys gets bonus points.
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Super Monkey Ball == teh awesome

Bomberman is also a blast.
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Pikmin 2
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Good suggestions here. Mario Party, Mario Kart and Warioware are the ones we enjoy. We just played a round of Mario Party 4, which was the first one released on the GameCube. I think it's actually more fun than the latest one in the series. The whole microphone think is a bit gimmicky and doesn't add a whole lot to gameplay. Also, a more obscure "party" game is Pac Man Fever. You can probably find that one for cheap and we think it's pretty fun.
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Mario Cart Double Dash is the best!
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Response by poster: Whooooa, so many ideas! Thanks guys! Will make a huge list to take with me to Target.
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Depending on their ages...

Mario Kart
Super Monkey Ball (it has a bunch of multiplayer games like soccer, pool, golf, tennis)
Mario Golf (if they're older)
Mario Tennis
Mario Party (but some people find it boring)

Wow, that's a lot of Mario.
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and if you want their parents to hate you: Donkey Konga and two sets of bongos!
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Burnout / Burnout2
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I too am a Mario freak.

Being a huge fan of Mario Kart and Mario Tennis, I just bought Mario Baseball. It's fun, but not as fun as it could be.

I'd say Mario Kart is the best multi-player game out there. Unfortunately, I'd say it's also the most likely game for anyone with a GameCube to own.
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Wario Ware, as already mentioned.

Bit more obscure, and it requires 3 pads + game boy advance and a GBA link lead - Pac Man VS. LOTS of fun. The three cube players are ghosts, and can each only see a tiny area of the maze. The GBA player is Pacman. Everyone gets a turn as Pacman, and whoever scores highest is the winner. It's simple, but LOTS of fun.
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Cel Damage.

Ignore people when they say it's like Twisted Metal--because it is, but only if Twisted Metal didn't suck.

There are 12 differen't courses, about 8 characters (not counting bosses which you can play as), lots of cartoon violence, but (of course) no gore. It's amazingly fun.

I echo the recommendation of Monkey Ball, Pac-Man VS (i can't get anyone to play this one with me! and it's so fun!), and Mario Kart.
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I second/third/fifth/... Smash Brothers and Mario Kart. It was after playing those two games that I decided I needed a Game Cube.
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