Help locating Vigenère cypher decoder
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I need help locating Vigenère cypher decoder. [more inside]

I decided to give the Kryptos Sculpture a crack but need some technical help. I taught myself the methods of solving the first three sections using paper and pencil but that is pretty labor intensive and I was hoping to automate some of the tasks.

I have found and am using, Elonka's Vigenère Table Builder to create a double key table. Additionally, I am using a Vigenère encoder/decoder I found here, but it doesn't allow custom tables. Unfortunately, I don't know enough about computer coding to play with the source code.

I googled around but couldn't find a Vigenère decoder with ability to use custom tables. Any ideas where I could find one would be great.
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The Tools page at lists Sharky's Vignere decoder... might do the trick. Don't know about the custom tables bit, though.
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Thanks blag. Unfortunately, that is only a single key decoder without a custom table. But I had never seen before so thanks for the pointer.
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You're welcome. If you're nerd enough to tackle the Kryptos, you'll love it over there... Maybe ask on the forum?

In fact...
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