I just want to watch a movie, damn it!
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Traveling on business with a company laptop -- has a DVD drive, but no DVD software. I want to watch a DVD to make the long train ride home bearable, but I don't have administrator privileges to install any software.

Computer has Windows Media Player and Real Player installed, but neither will play the DVD as there are no DVD decoders/software installed. The computer has no problem recognizing the DVD and viewing the files.

There's a Radio Shack a couple of blocks from the conference I'm at. Could I buy a cheap jump drive, install a player on that and use it to watch my DVDs? Or will the computer not allow that as well?

Any other workarounds or do I have to call up the IT guys and grovel for them do me a favor and install the software?
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If you can run standalone .EXE files, maybe there's a media player type app that doesn't really need to be installed into the registry to work. Media Player Classic comes to mind, but I haven't tried if that works.
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Best answer: There's a zip package of VLC that you can just unzip and use without an installer. It plays DVDs pretty well.
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Take cookies to your IT guy.
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Best answer: You can run Media Player Classic without having to install it. Download the package and unzip it to find the .exe file. Double-click on the exe, then drag the VIDEO_TS folder onto the player.
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Response by poster: Man I love this site. Thank you Zsaza. That did it.
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