Typeface used for "Parks and Recreation" titles?
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Designers and font nerds: What typeface is use in the opening titles of Parks and Recreation?
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looks like a News Gothic condensed, or thereabouts. The C doesn't match well, tho.
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Best answer: Could it be Interstate Bold Condensed?
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Yes, Interstate Bold Condensed - or perhaps even Compressed.
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Ha! Interstate. Nice touch.
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My vote also goes to Interstate Bold Condensed.
Scroll down to Interstate BoldCondensed on this page .
Then resize and tile your windows to compare
the title with the font side by side.
It is a very close match if not exact.
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Best answer: It looks like Interstate.

For some awesome font history, read this long NY Times Magazine article on the predecessor to the Interstate font called Clearview. It's a fantastic read.
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I think you have that backwards, camworld. Clearview is the new highway standard, and it's slowly replacing the "interstate" font called Highway Gothic.

"Interstate" is a clone of Highway Gothic.
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Highway Gothic wasn't available digitally to the public - and it was missing a lot of important characters anyway. Interstate is a very good digitization based on it, and in fact is a superior typeface.

For actual highway signs, some municipalities and the federal government are starting to use Clearview, based on evidence - from non-peer reviewed studies (I think!) by the designers - that it is superior.
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