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Is there a BBS community for people who buy and sell older/original retail copies of videogames?

I'm cleaning house and have a bunch of (mainly PC) games in their original condition (in box, with feelies, CDs, all of the inserts and whatnot) and it seems wasteful to just toss them.

I've had good success selling some of the more "rare" ones on Amazon Marketplace and the like, but I'm wondering if there is some kind of forum community dedicated to this, where I can go straight to the source and make a buck or two.

I've found that this is the case for used clothing and other things, so I assume there must be a buying and selling forum somewhere.

And no, I don't think ebay is the way to go with this either. We're talking about middle-tier stuff that isn't super collectible but isn't disposable either (i.e. I surmise someone would have a use for it).

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Just curious why you think EBay isn't right for this. I would think it would have much more visibility there then some (frankly) dead tech meeting place.
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You could try AmiBay, but PC is probably the only platform they're not interested in.
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If you're OK with trading (every game is assigned a point value) instead of selling, there's Goozex. They take games from all consoles and PC.
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Goozex is okay for trading. If you want the option to sell, trade and negotiate some sort of deal, I'd recommend GameTZ. Completely free to use the site (subscribing is optional and doesn't affect trading at all), and good - if completely immature sometimes - people.

Make your way to the PC forum and make a post to start, and maybe General Marketplace.
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Try a hobby community - Livejournal has some games sales forums.
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Cheapassgamer might work
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