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What is the song in that Ford commercial that sounds like jazz and the commercial itself is a lot of graphics. It is a commercial that is currently running. Thanks!
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I just fast-forwarded through 9 hours of DVR'd American TV shows looking for a Ford commercial, and the only one I found doesn't match your description. Can you please share some additional details, like what the graphics you describe look like, what the commercial is advertising (a specific car? a Ford-wide initiative of some sort) or what programs you've seen it during?
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Response by poster: I recall the ad starts with 2 squares one yellow & one red. One turns into a square sun, the other turns into a square something else. There are lots of squares in the graphics.
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C'mon, have you got anything else? When was the first time you saw the ad? When was the most recent time? What channel? What program? What region of the US? Was the ad completely animated? Did the graphic style remind you of anything? Did the music remind you of anything beyond "jazz"? Was there a voice-over? Was there one car in the ad, or many?

Miracles happen here on AskMetafilter, so I'm sure someone is just going to wander in and already know exactly the ad you're talking about. But in the meantime, please recognize that you've provided a comically unhelpful dearth of details. There is no harm at all in dumping as many details as you can muster into this space.
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Car ads are highly regionalized. Some are tailored for local markets. That jazzy song might be just running in your region.
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Best answer: Are you sure its not honda accord? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvD2OHe_8qg
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Best answer: Actually this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtRiQTK_a48&feature=related
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Best answer: Whoops, REAL LINK
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Response by poster: That was it! Thanks for knowing it even though I couldn't even remember the car!!
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