What kind of Russian-speaking jobs are out there in Fairfield County?
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What's a good place to find a Russian-speaking job in the Fairfield county area? And what jobs (other than translation, teaching) require Russian speakers?

My father is in his 50s, and has been a Mechanical Engineer all his life. Due to hearing loss he has had a lot of trouble with English comprehension. He'd be great at just about any job that requires an engineering or mathematics background, but just finds it impossible to interact in English.

Since my parents don't plan to move to Brighton Beach any time soon, his options seem limited. I want to help him with the job search, but am not sure where to start looking. I don't know any good online Russian communities in the SW connecticut area, nor good classified boards.

Any recommendations for local (city-specific) or regional discussion boards, Russian-speaking companies (of any type, but especially engineering) in the CT/Fairfield County area, would be a great help.
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How is his written English? Telecommuting might be an option, and if it is it removes the geographical restrictions.
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His written English is actually okay, but I've never heard of any telecommuting jobs that aren't sales or IT. I guess I just haven't thought about it. What would his options be?
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I don't know what his options would be. I was hoping that somebody else would be able to help with that.
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Since my parents don't plan to move to Brighton Beach any time soon, his options seem limited

If it really comes down to it, Brighton Beach would be, what, about an hour commute?

Are there any universities in the area who would hire him as a lecturer for conversation sections for Russian instruction?
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