Know any post-7:30PM painting classes in NYC?
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I am interested in taking a late-evening painting course in New York City.

I was really into creating art as a child and had a knack for things like drawing and painting, but I pretty much just let it drop after high school. Now, as an adult, I want to get back into it and pursue different painting techniques more than I did as a kid. I would like to take a painting class.

Scheduling issues: I work in midtown Manhattan on weekdays until 7PM, so any class during the week would have to start after 7:30. I did a cursory search earlier today, but unfortunately the classes I found started at 7, and I just wouldn't be able to make that. Anyone know of any good painting courses at night in New York City, preferably Manhattan, that I could get to without having to leave work early?
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Best answer: I know the Art Student's League classes start at 7, but they go till 10:15, so I don't think it would be a big deal if you arrived a little late each night, you would still get plenty of painting in. (If you are late, you would have to wait until the model has finished a pose to enter the class) Plus, the school is on 57th, so perhaps not too far from your work. It's an AMAZING place, and relatively inexpensive too.
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I can't find any late weeknight classes either, but if you would consider a Saturday class, the New York Studio School has one from 2pm - 6pm and Parsons has one through the New School from 10am - 12:30pm (no direct link, but click on the catalog and go to page 14)
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Came on here to suggest you check out the Art Student's League, but extrabox beat me to it!
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Best answer: Thirding Art Student's League. When I took classes there, people came in late and as long as you are quiet and don't disrupt the class, no one cares.
People of all levels end up in the same class there, and the teachers are really good at figuring out where in your development you are and what to say to you based on that. I liked listening to what they said to me and then the people around me just for comparison.
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