Where to buy Slovenian cd releases?
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Where can I buy these two Slovenian music cd's?

I'm a big fan of Borghesia and it appears that those compilations have tracks that I haven't heard!

I'm unfamiliar with Slovenian auction or music sites, so besides discogs or gemm or ebay, I'm really not certain where to look.

Thanks for any assistance :)
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First of all, you've added them to your 'Wanted' list on Discogs, right? If either of them are ever put up for sale via the site you'll get an email and the opportunity to purchase.
posted by carsonb at 11:47 AM on January 21, 2010

Here's a Mediafire link to Še pomnite punkerji. Looking for the second one now...
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Ah, here we go! The second one, Tistega Lepega Dne.
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Instead of waiting for someone to sell those comps, you could contact the Discogs user who submitted them, or the person who owns one of them. They could probably point you to an online shop, or may be able to buy them for you and send them your way (I had such luck with an overseas 'ogger). Good luck!
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Response by poster: carsonb, is where is the setting in discogs to to get e-mail when something on your wantlist is added? I've never seen that, but damn, wouldn't it be handy! :)
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Response by poster: mykescipark, I owe you a couple beers, thank you! :)

You're actually pretty close to me, so this is something that I could actually make happen!
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starscream: At the next L.A. meetup, perhaps. :-)
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Response by poster: carsonb, I found the setting in discogs... thanks for the tip!!
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