Podcasts in European Portuguese?
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Recommendations for podcasts/other media in European Portuguese?

If I'm lucky, I'll be spending an extended part of next year living in Portugal, and while it's still up in the air and a decent way off even if I am able to do it, I want to start working to tune my ear to European Portuguese. I was taught Brazilian Portuguese when I first studied Portuguese, and I'm aware of the major differences between BP and EP in terms of pronunciation, pronoun use, etc. My comprehension of EP is decent, but delayed: if I have something from RTP streaming on, it takes my ear about 5 minutes to adjust, after which I comprehend a good amount, although not as well as I comprehend BP. I want to start listening to stuff passively more so that my brain gets used to hearing it and I don't have to go through that adjustment period every time I try to comprehend it.

There are a bunch of RTP podcasts, so I know there's stuff available, but I don't really know anything about any of the programs in this list, and before I start randomly trying stuff, I'm curious as to whether anyone has recommendations for particularly good podcasts that would be accessible to an intermediate-level listener. Programs about humanities/science-y topics in the vein of BBC's In Our Time or WNYC's Radio Lab would be a plus, but since my interest is primarily in improving my ear, I'm willing to try anything as long as it's not dull. (Stuff that'd give a foreigner insight into Portuguese culture and politics would also be a plus but I'm expecting most stuff in that vein is not going to be "entry-level," so to speak, and will assume a lot of knowledge a foreigner doesn't have.)
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Best answer: When I asked this question of my Portuguese wife she recommended the TSF podcasts. The Pessoal & Transmissível show on that page in particular. Its an interview show and the host speaks very clearly and slowly.

If you want insight into Portuguese culture, try watching a Gato Fedorento video.
They are sort of to Portugal what the Daily Show is to the US. But, that also means, as you correctly predict, that it is quite advanced.
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Vacapinta, I came here to suggest the Gato Fedorento videos as well. That is some funny shiznit right there.
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Response by poster: Pessoal e Transmissível is very understandable. Thanks a ton for the suggestion. I don't quite get the Gato Fedorento videos (though I watched the one with Mariza, and knowing who she is, was sort of able to get it), but they are funny in that "I'm watching something I don't understand" sort of way. Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to reach the point where I do get it...
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