How to access live UK only streams?
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How to access live UK only streams?

You need to set-up your browser to access through a proxy server based in the UK. Find a list of proxy servers here. Go to your browser settings (Tools>Options>Connection Settings) to the server e.g. 123.345.3454:8080. You can apply settings to all.

Once entered the above also apply to Windows Media Player (if entered in IE).

Proxy servers can change, or are blocked by the content provider. You may need to change peridoically.

I would recommend that you do not access secure sites or send vital information through the proxy. Does anyone know if this is a risk?
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Yes, it is a risk, albeit a much smaller one if you use SSL for your secure stuff. Don't send vital data unencrypted over the 'net period, that's why it's vital. Doubly so if you're using a third-party untrusted proxy.
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