Flowers for baby boys?
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Is there a traditional kind of flower or color of rose given for the birth of a baby boy? A friend of mine just delivered, and I want to skip the blue teddy bears and get this right.
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I used to work in at a florist's and I can't remeber any sex-specific flower that we used for births. Really, the best thing to do is ask the florist. (And I don't think you can go wrong with roses.)

Also, this book is a good reference for flower/situation questions.
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According to 19th Century Victorian floral symbolism, the proper flower for a birth is a Dittany or a Dittany of Crete, which is apparently good for "opening obstructions of the womb and procuring the discharges of the uterus."
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Or give the newborn his birth flower.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone! I went with a dozen yellow roses, which is a fairly boring choice, but clear as a symbol of friendship and stedfastness - I realized, thinking about this, that the flowers are for my friend more than the baby.
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For others who might be interested, if you are having flowers delivered rather than taking them, I would suggest tulips from They're fairly inexpensive (around $30 for 20 flowers, plus shipping) and so pretty and cheerful, especially in the winter. You can often get a free glass vase upgrade with a keyword - I think this week you can type in "Sheri" (name of syndicated dj pitchwoman).
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