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Linksys Router Problems...Help....

Just bought a new Linksys Wireless G Broadband Runner with Speedbooster, model number WRT54GS2.

The set-up went fine and then it came time to hook up our other computers to the network. One is an HP Mini (with Windows XP) and the other HP (with Vista). Both went through set-up fine but the problem came when the HP with Vista would not connect to the internet. The HP with XP has connected just fine but the HP with Vista will not connect to the internet.

It will connect to the network but not to the internet. I have googled answers and have come up with nothing.

Please help me!
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95% of the time this problem can be fixed by turning everything off and turning it back on again in the proper order. On my honor, I swear I am not just making you do this to be annoying.

Turn off the modem (cable or DSL), the router, and all of your computers. Turn on the modem, the router, and your computers in that order, giving it a few minutes in between turning on one and the next.

If that doesn't work, then I'd suspect that your router isn't doing DHCP as it should. But I'm not familiar with that model, so I'll leave that bit to the experts here!
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Seconding the DHCP suspicion. I don't know how hard you have your wireless locked down, but I've had this problem when I didn't leave quite a largh enough IP range open for the various computers (three, plus a phone). I'd start by running it wide open and trying to discern at what point it's not passing packets.
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Assuming the turning things off part doesn't work:

Does the Vista computer work when attached to the router?
Does the Vista computer work on other wireless networks?
On the first page of setup, what is the maximum number of users in DHCP?

It's probably easiest to go back to factory settings and then make the changes that you need to make 1 by 1.
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What do you mean when you say "went through the setup"? Helper apps can often be very much the opposite of helpful, here.
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If wireless, does it work with no security? Vista seemed to grab the wrong security protocol (Psa vs psa2) when I set up a network recently. Manually setting it fixed things.
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Ahhh Vista. What wireless security are you running? WEP? Switch to WPA2 if you can. That may help Vista connect. (XP Service pack 3 on the XP box right?)
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