Ipod Restore Issues on a working older gen iPod
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I have a 4th Gen click wheel iPod. It still plays and charges. Today, I got the "restore" error message when hooking it up to my iMac/iTunes. I tried restoring it but it then gave me the msg "The iPod could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (1433)" and directed me to here. I tried the usual stuff recommended including: unplugging and replugging; trying new cord; holding menu and center button down for reboot; trying on other macs -- and still get the same msg. Although the technology is old, the iPod itself has hardly been used. Any suggestions? (Besides buying a new one.) Thanks for your input.
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Can you hold the iPod up to your ear when it's plugged in and trying to sync? Is it making an audible clicking sound?
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Response by poster: When initially plugged in and before error msgs hit, it does make the clicking sound as if it is trying to sync.
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Did you let the batter drain all the way down, and then try plugging in? I still have same model iPod and I have had this error a couple of times.
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Do you have any other peripherals plugged in?

I had an instance where it kept trying to sync my flash drive instead of the ipod.
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Response by poster: Just the ipod, not counting my keyboard.
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The clicking sound is most probably the read/write heads of the hard drive bouncing off the spinning platter.

Short version: You'd need to get the HD replaced, which shouldn't cost too much, but there's no particular service I can vouch for.
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It sounds like a dead hard drive. You can order a replacement, or even use a compact flash drive if you like.

I estimate you'll likely be out about $30-50 plus an hour of labor, so it's definitely much nicer than an MP3 player you could get for equivalent price. At the very least, sell it on eBay, as it still has life in it.
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PS: There are a lot of cheap hard drive replacements on eBay.
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If you get to the throwing-it-out stage, try a good firm whack against a table/kitchen counter/etc. first. It sounds crazy but this worked for me once with an old one.
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Response by poster: The whack worked on my older one as well but that was when it was frozen. It isn't frozen. It plays fine, with playlists and all the bells and whistles...but just doesn't connect with the computer.
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Response by poster: I'll try it though.
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I am seconding the suggestion that you let the battery completely drain and try to sync again. You may not even have to restore.

If you do end up needing a new HD, I recommend ipodjuice.com.
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If it still plays and charges, you may be able to put it into diagnostic mode - then you can run different tests and maybe find out exactly what hardware is the problem.

Here is a website with instructions for accessing the diagnostic mode and the different scans you can do. (I just googled for it, because I only know how to do it for my 3rd gen ipod, so I don't have any experience with this website specifically)
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Something that has worked for me: I used a flathead screwdriver to pry open the case, and then unplugged and re-plugged the battery.
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Response by poster: Thanks periscope, will try the diagnostic and if that doesn't work, will try dualityofmind's screwdriver trick (only I heard a paint scraper will work with getting it open easier. Who knows.)...and if neither of those works...well...hmmm.
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