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UK/London Events Filter: I am looking for a site or a group which lists events such as (paid and free) talks, debates, seminars etc so many of which take place in London every week.

Something like 'The List' which is published every month in the Prospect Magazine which I cant seem to access without a subscription. I am able to find out about many of these events by going to individual websites of say The British Museum, The LSE, Friends of Imperial College, UCL, RSA and such. I have also signed up to their mailing lists in the past but a lot of irrelevant stuff gets sent out on those. A bit of editorial input would be good just like the Prospect does. Any ideas, suggestions, links are welcome.

I suppose what I am looking for is a Time Out for those who want to enrich themselves with new/old ideas, knowledge and thoughts. What better place to ask this question than Mefi. Thanks
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I have no answer for you but am very interested to hear if anyone knows of something like this. Here's hoping.
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Best answer:
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Best answer: Lecture List is the best one I've found; it's not exhaustive, of course, but it's fairly extensive. (It does other UK regions as well but like many places, it seems to do better at London.)
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This is not quite what you're looking for, but The School of Life holds a number of paid talks, seminars, etc, that I've found quite interesting.
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London for Free map by the Londonist.
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